Felithian Factories


A game of Galactic Greed and Power where corporate giants compete for building huge factories and making them as productive as possible.

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A Game of Galactic Greed and Power for 2 to 4 players

In the far away galaxy of Atuz, corporate giants are building huge factories out in space to meet the needs of an expanding population. Can you compete?

Players start the game with a small number of Galactic Credits, a Corporate Headquarters and a small facility. Since space is a very large place, on your turn you roll dice to determine the area of space on which players will focus their attention this turn. As the Active Player, you have numerous options including activating factories, building a new factory, hiring employees, or even affecting the conditions for victory. When you’re done, other players in clockwise order may activate their factories that fall within the area of focus you determined to produce raw materials, convert raw materials into finished goods, or sell finished goods on the market.
Money is needed throughout the game, but being the best at growing your corporation in the right places and at the right times will be what’s needed to win the game. Three scoring rounds occur, twice during the game and once at the end. The victory conditions change after each scoring (and possibly by players as well) and are determined by a Victory Condition card. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

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