Self-published Tom Wham games.

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  • Battling Space Ships


    Battling Space Ships is a game of high adventure, set in the asteroid belt of a nearby solar system in the not too distant future.

  • Felithian Factories


    A game of Galactic Greed and Power where corporate giants compete for building huge factories and making them as productive as possible.

  • Felithian Finance


    A simple and fun stock manipulation / accumulation game set in a galaxy far away.

  • General Palmer


    A track building game set in the Rocky Mountains with both known and hidden victory conditions where players bid against each other for the best resources.

  • Journey Thru the Center of the Earth


    Signed, Limited Edition (Gary Con perk version) Tom Wham game with map created by the late Laura Roslof.

  • Moose Quest


    The first printing is at the printer and is expected to be completed around August 20, 2022. There will be small quantities available. Order one now to receive yours right away.

  • Red Wolf Card Game


    The Red Wolf Card Game is a push-your-luck game, designed by James M. Ward and Dave Conant.

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