General Palmer


A track building game set in the Rocky Mountains with both known and hidden victory conditions where players bid against each other for the best resources.

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Each player will have his own map of the Rocky Mountains with Salt Lake City to the west and Denver to the east. The goal is to connect these two cities by competing with other players to gain resources (engines, engine houses, stations, and track) in an effort to build the most successful railroad empire between them. This feat alone is worth 20 Victory Points (VPs). There are also Victory Condition (VC) Cards with other goals, such as building the most track, having the most money, building the longest railroad and building the most passenger stations. Players compete to gain points in as many VCs as possible. Not all VC Cards will be in play and you will only know 1, 2, or 3 of them (depending on the number of players). Watch what your opponents do, use a little intuition, and hope for some luck. At the end, all VC cards in play are exposed. The player with the most VPs will be the winner.

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