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Our goal is to self-publish as many of those gems Tom has laying on his dusty shelf. There are too many to name…or even count so we have a lot of work ahead of us. We hope you’ll join us for the ride and have some fun along the way. We’re just getting started so sign up for our mailing list (free) to receive our announcements or consider joining the crew of the Znutar by becoming a member. While you’re around how about checking out the store too.
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Felithian Finance Crowd Sale Update

Tom Wham Games would like to thank the people that participated in the Crowd Sale for Felithian Finance. Support through your purchase helps to allow us to print games without a lot of upfront expense and allows us to create an inventory for future sales though this website.

That said, we are super disappointed with the long delays in the production times provided by The Game Crafter. Expected Delivery Dates for the Felithian Finance game keeps slipping. Currently that date is in September. Search for another printer for future games is underway, but it’s challenging to find a company to can handle the variety of needs for board games along with smaller print runs.

Featured Product

Check out a few of the items currently being featured within the TWG Store
(Games will be in stock after each of their Crowd Sales. Stock for other items is on it’s way.) 

  • Sandra

    8″x10″ Prints (Choice of 5)


    8″x10″ Textured Fine Arts Printing paper (#100) carrying various pieces of art from Tom Wham.

  • Felithian Factories


    A game of Galactic Greed and Power where corporate giants compete for building huge factories and making them as productive as possible.

  • Felithian Finance


    A simple and fun stock manipulation / accumulation game set in a galaxy far away.

  • Gygaxasaurus


    A collaborative piece by Tom Wham and the late Dave Trampier (redrawn by Tom) of a fantastic caricature of E. Gary Gygax.

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