Felithian Finance


A simple and fun stock manipulation / accumulation game set in a galaxy far away.

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2-7 Players

In the Felithian System, in a far away galaxy, Domestic Dopples and Robotic Fish are in high demand. In short, things are rather different…but we won’t go into that right now. Suffice to say that what you will play in this game is an exact simulation of how corporate finance works in that galaxy. Felithian Finance is a game of stock accumulation, coupled with a 6 by 6 grid upon which corporate markers are played. By judiciously playing tiles, players can augment the value of the corporations they control and thwart the growth of the holdings of others. Dice are rolled to determine if dividends are payed. Eventually the game comes to an end and the player with the most galactic credits (money) is the winner.

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