Crew Monthly

We realize that money is tight and there are a lot of good causes and other places you could contribute to. You have our sincere thanks for your support and encouragement of our endeavors. We’ll continue to do our best to produce content and get more of Tom’s gems off those dusty shelves and available for purchase.

Rewards Received:

  • You’ll receive any of our public posts, notifications, and newsletters we send to keep you up to date.
  •  Access to private/restricted content on the TWG site – interviews, behind-the-scenes details, background stories of Tom and his creations. [Note: This content will be a work in progress to begin in earnest in early 2022.]
  • Voting Rights – you’ll have the ability to help Tom and Dave choose what games get published next.
  • Four 2.25” Buttons with TW Artwork (value $2.99 each) – two every 6 months (continuous subscription required) or receive all pieces immediately with annual subscription (S&H still apply).
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