Red Wolf Card Game

The Red Wolf Card Game is a push-your-luck game, played in a series of rounds where players compete against each other and against the odds of beating a Challenge Card. Everyone thinks they have a chance to win…until the last card is flipped.
Losing will make you howling mad.

Designed by
James M. Ward and Dave Conant

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Thoughts from Jim and Dave

From Jim:

I saw a movie when I was about ten. It was about a man who was dying and he wanted to experience life. He was skiing in Switzerland and at the lodge they were playing a game called RED DOG. Naturally, he won a huge pot by taking a large risk. The game stuck in my mind. From then on, when I played poker with my friends I would suggest a round of that game. I have a nasty memory of playing after I was married and loosing over $300 as I had to match the pot. My lovely wife wasn’t pleased that night.

So Dave Conant and I have played this game many times and enjoyed it a lot. I’m not that good at math but for some reason I can exactly calculate my chances of winning according to the cards that I hold. The game is easy to play and quick. I look forward to running this game a lot at Gary Con from now on. I hope you look into buying this game. Dave Conant did amazing things with the graphics.

God Blelss America!

From Dave:

We played this game as a variant game at our Poker Nights – that means we were playing with real money. I remember this time when I had a 12 in two colors (blue and green), a yellow 10, and a red 6 – that’s great numbers in THREE of the four colors…I could hardly lose. The hand before this one was really brutal because a bunch of people had good hands, but nobody could beat the Challenge Card so the pot was huge. The only ones that stayed in on this hand was only Jim and me…and “I could hardly lose” with such a great hand. Jim didn’t have a very good hand at all – his best card was a red 7. He stayed in because the pot was so big and was taking a long shot. Needless to say, I bet REALLY BIG.

The Challenge Card gets turned up…it’s a red 3. Even I would have beaten it if Jim hadn’t stayed in. But, Jim had the bigger red card by a single point…you KNOW there was howling that night!

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  1. I KNOW there will be comments regarding how tightly the cards are packed in the box. I am sorry for this issue – the cards and the box came from different printers and the card stock was slightly heavier than anticipated. That will be corrected in future printings of the game.

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